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Legacy of Care

The Stalwarts

Seth Govardhandas Binani
1 9 0 7 - 1 9 6 5

GBCBASeth Govardhandas Binani, also known as the ‘Metal King of India’, hailed from a highly reputed business family who dealt in nonferrous metals. He is fondly remembered by the Maheshwari Samaj for his noble deeds and philanthropic temperament. He founded Binani Charitable Bodies, a charitable body, in 1958, with the objective of regularizing projects for the underprivileged.

His affinity towards Mirzapur was evident in the number of donations and in the educational & vocational institutes set up to uplift the people of Mirzapur and give them a better future. His dream of setting up a Post Graduate College at Mirzapur to impart the latest education, was witnessed by everyone when his only son, Late Ghanshyam Binani, founded the G. D. Binani Post Graduate College at Mirzapur in 1969.


Ghanshyam Binani
1 9 3 2 - 1 9 9 8

Ghanshyam Binani followed the footsteps of his father and consolidated the business. He took it to unparalleled heights, ranking Binani amongst the leaders in the non-ferrous industry in India and abroad. He was the first to introduce the manufacture of electrolytic zinc in India. Under his guidance, his younger son Braj Binani further diversified into cement and glass fibre while his elder son Gokul preferred to expand the Binani Industries operations at U.K., London.

Like father, like son. A gifted philanthropist, Late Ghanshyam Binani too generously sponsored and established educational institutions, hospitals, dharamashalas, community halls, apart from unaccounted donations to millions as and when he was approached. His love for children saw him set up scholarships for their higher education in India and abroad.

He expanded Binani Charitable Bodies activities which are under Ghanshyam Binani Foundation and formed three more Trusts with the full co-operation of his wife, Padma Binani and his sons.

He was simple, humble, deeply religious and dedicated to his work. A symbol of humanity, his philanthropic deeds are reflected in his heartfelt concern for the less fortunate. A magnanimous and warm person, he will be remembered as a leader of vision and initiative.

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